See photos below for images from some of our science expeditions completed over the previous years.


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2015 April Aurora Viewing Flight from China to the USA


2015 March Total Solar Eclipse, Svalbard


2015 February Aurora Viewing Expedition #8: Norway



2015 January Aurora Viewing Expedition #7: Alaska


2014 July Star Eclipse in South Africa



2014 May Star Eclipse in Kuwait


2014 March Aurora Viewing Expedition#6: Alaska


2014 February Aurora Viewing Expedition#5: Alaska


2014 January Aurora Expedition #4: Spitzbergen


2013 December Aurora Viewing Expedition#3: Alaska


2013 November Transatlantic Solar Eclipse Cruise


2013 Daphne Asteroid Eclipse Expedition to Nikoi Island, Sumatra


2013 Annular Eclipse Expedition to Tarawa, Kiribati


2013 Aurora Viewing Expedition#2: Alaska

2012 Total Solar Eclipse, Mount Carbine, Australia

2012 Aurora Viewing Expedition#1: Alaska

2012 Second Transit of Venus Expedition, Darvaza, Turkmenistan

2012 Annular Solar Eclipse Expedition USA (Utah)


2011 Peraga Asteroid Occultation, Irbil Iraq

2010 Leona Asteroid Occultation, Athens Greece

2010 Tisiphone Asteroid Occultation Expedition to Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

2010 Total Solar Eclipse in French Polynesia

2010 Hayabusa Asteroid Sample Return Expedition to Coober Pedy, Australia

2010 Annular Solar Eclipse in Uganda

2009 Aegle Asteroid Occultation Expedition to Macedonia

2009 Total Solar Eclipse in Wuhan, China

2008 Total Solar Eclipse in western China

2008 Asteroid occultation expedition to Cuba

2008 Asteroid occultation expedition to Bosnia


2008 ATV ground expedition to Australia

2008 Equipment test at Ames Research Center prior to ATV-1 airborne reentry mission 

2008 Germania Asteroid Occultation in Torreon, Mexico

2006 Overflight of Chinese manned Shenzhou spacecraft from Beijing, China


2006 Asteroid Expedition to Taiwan

2006 Annular Solar Eclipse in French Guiana

2006 Total Solar Eclipse in Libya

2006 Total Solar Eclipse site survey on Iwo Jima, March 2006

2005 Annular Solar Eclipse in Algeria

2005 Annular Solar Eclipse in Panama

2005 China Space Launch Expedition, Beijing China

2005 Asteroid occultation, Enid OK

2004 Transit of Venus in Mauritius

2003 Annular Solar Eclipse expedition to Iceland

2003 Total Solar Eclipse above Antarctica

2002 Annular Solar Eclipse in Mozambique

2002 Annular Solar Eclipse, Mariana Islands

2001 Iridium Flare, Evpatoria Ukraine

2001 Mount Etna, Catania Sicily

2001 Total Solar Eclipse in Zambia 

1999 Total eclipse at Batman, Turkey

1998 Total Solar Eclipse on Curacao

1998 Leonid Meteor Storm Beijing, China

1998 Annular eclipse in Malaysia 

1997 Total Solar Eclipse, Mongolia

1997 Comet Hale-Bopp, White Sands NM

1996 Lunar Grazing Occultation Expedition, Venezuela

1995 Total Solar Eclipse to Pinahat, India

1995 San Salvador, El Salvador astronomical outreach

1995 Annular Solar Eclipse, Puinahua Peru

1994 Total Solar Eclipse to Tacna, Peru

1993 Total Lunar Eclipse, Baja California MX

1992 Siberia Volcano Magnetic Field Cooperative Research expeditionwith Russia 

1992 Annular Solar Eclipse on Truk Atoll

1991 Annular Solar Eclipse in New Zealand

1991 Total Solar Eclipse in Mexico



1990 Reentry of STS-31 External Tank

1987 Annular Solar Eclipse in Gabon

1987 Annular Solar Eclipse in China

1986 Chile Halley’s Comet expedition

1985 Total Lunar Eclipse Sudan

1984 Total Solar Eclipse in Papua New Guinea

1983 Total Solar Eclipse Indonesia

1982 Delta Geminorum Occultation, Luzon Philippines

1980 Total Solar Eclipse Kenya

1979 Total Solar Eclipse Canada

1977 Total Solar Eclipse in Colombia

1973 Annular Solar Eclipse Mexico

1972 Total Solar Eclipse Canada

1970 Total Solar Eclipse USA

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